Understanding how Google Ad Grants can help your organization

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Nic Abraham

Nic Abraham

Nic Abraham | Marketing Director

The Google Ad Grant program provides qualifying organizations with up to $10,000 of in-kind advertising every month. It’s free advertising and an effective digital marketing strategy.

What could your organization do with 10K in advertising per month?

Through this grant program, nonprofits can expand their reach, increase awareness and connect with potential volunteers and donors. Whether it’s sharing the message with your local community or the world, Google Ad Grants can help.

There are a few essential concepts to make Google Ad Grants work effectively. First, plan out your keywords. Do you have a list of keywords that you hope people will use to find you online? If not, that’s the first place to start. Ask yourself, “what words would someone type into their Google search bar” if they were looking for my organization?

Next, use keywords that are broad match modified to increase your reach and match a variety of searches. One of your organization’s keywords might be “Adult Mentoring,” and a broad match modified keyword is “+Adult +Mentoring.” Google picks up the variations of each word to prompt your ad placement, which leads to more clicks.

Often, people assume that using a high number of keywords will make their ads better. However, that is not always the case. By using the right targeted keywords, your ad will attract the right people. It’s not just a matter of “getting clicks.” You want to get the right clicks from the right people.

And lastly, increase your ad’s click rate by including the chosen keywords in the ad text. When it displays, it will have the words that match your audience’s search, and the results will be much better than without optimized text.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Apply online

  2. Complete the verification process

  3. Choose keywords

  4. Create ad

  5. Run ad

  6. Track results

  7. Adjust accordingly

It’s that simple.

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