East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation

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Pam Turos

Pam Turos

Writer. Editor. Consultant.

EANDC strengthens communities by providing affordable housing for all through quality rental housing, practical home ownership opportunities and neighborhood based revitalization efforts.   

We aspire to be an exemplary regional champion for housing and neighborhood revitalization, recognized and respected for high-quality and financially sustainable practices. Click here to learn more.


Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools

While the Alliance drives the process of accountability and collaboration for The Cleveland Plan, it is critical to emphasize that the Alliance is the convening stakeholder, not the authority, for the Cleveland Plan. Responsibility for implementation rests with the whole community.

Article: Cleveland Transformation Alliance

During a City Club Cleveland lunchtime gathering in the Renaissance Hotel’s grand ballroom on Wednesday, September 21, many of Cleveland’s most influential civic and educational