Dear Nonprofit Professionals . . .

overwhelmed female head down holding up a help sign

We know things operate differently in the nonprofit sector than they do in the business world. Nonprofit work has many built-in rewards, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. You are known for making miracles happen with small teams and tight budgets — but it’s hard to know when, how, or even what […]

FILLED | Social Media Management | Gloria’s Way

Content creation and page management. The social media consultant will provide 1-2 social media posts per week on Facebook and Instagram in support of Gloria’s way content calendar and goals. Articles and blog posts are published weekly on the Gloria’s Way website. The social media consultant will use current, past, and created original content for social media posts with the mission of connecting with the Greater Cleveland dementia caregiver community. The social media consultant will provide a monthly summary to the editorial team and monitor Facebook and Instagram accounts (within reasonable expectations, normal business hours) and help generate conversations and increase engagement.

FILLED | Writer and Content Curator | Cleveland Schools Book Fund

Cleveland School Book Fund is seeking a writer and content curator for social media posts, no page management required. Cleveland School Book Fund is seeking a social media consultant who will create content for two social media pages based on website content, holiday calendar, academic year and CMSD news. Page management and monitoring is not required.

FILLED | Video Production and Editing

Content and format of videos will be planned ahead of time, the consultant will film videos (socially distant, outdoors preferred) or take videos filmed by Melody and edit with bookends, audio, etc. The client is open to recommendations for the best approach. Will need approx 2-3 videos, approx 1-minute in length per month. Additional work is possible, based on agreed hourly or per-item rates.